CB1 is proud to present John Lyons and Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

Thursday 16 May

The Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, CB1 2LF
8 pm

John Lyons

Trinidad-born John Lyons is a Windrush Arts Achievement Award winner, a prize-winning poet and a recognized painter. He has seven published collections of poems and a cookery book, Cook-up in a Trini Kitchen. His most recent collection of poems for children was short-listed by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (Clpe): CLIPPA Award 2016. He has contributed to numerous poetry anthologies and his poems are included in the Poetry Archive. As a creative writing tutor he has worked for the Arvon Foundation on several occasions.

As an artist, his paintings and prints are privately collected and are represented in national
public collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Arts Council National
Collection, Rochdale Gallery 'Touchstones' and Huddersfield Public Art Gallery.
Website: www.jcmlyons.co.uk

Fens Poets’ Walk

Let’s walk these ancient Fen lands,
under broad eel-skies.
their layered history of survival.
Avoid deception: the point
that vanishes into infinity
at the end of parallel, ploughed furrows.
Broad horizons may tempt us
into metaphor; but our ambitions are modest:
a word order that takes us further
than our walking feet can.

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough 

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough is an alumna of the Arvon/Jerwood Mentorship scheme 2016 and Toast Poets 2017. She was also a Ledbury Emerging Poet 2017. Her debut pamphlet, Glass, was a winner in the Paper Swans inaugural pamphlet competition in 2016. It went on to win Best Pamphlet at the Saboteur Awards 2017. Her debut collection, Sightings, was published by Pindrop Press in December 2016. It won the Michael Schmidt Prize for Best Portfolio. A poem from that collection was highly commended in the Forward Prize and published in the Forward Book of Poetry 2018. Her second full collection At or Below Sea Level is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Elisabeth is an editor of The Fenland Reed.
Website: www.elisabethsennittclough.co.uk

The Yard At Waterside
For My Father

Plant me a thicket on a patch of land
by the river. Fill in the foundations

of two dozen homes about to be built.
The air will be damp this August morning

and filled with a vinegar sharpness
from fruit ripening on briars.

A cluster of nettles will be weaving through
the skeletons of old farm machinery,

a pox of rust eating their metal.
A crow will hop along, one wing splayed

with a shimmer of mould-green on the tip.
It will peck a branch, tell me its beak still works.

There will be a reel of wire, sprung away
from the fence. I will trip and it will coil back

the long stretch of years into itself.

Published in Glass, 2016