23rd February 2016 - Matthew Caley

Matthew Caley’s Thirst (Slow Dancer, 1999) was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection, and followed by The Scene of My Former Triumph (Wrecking Ball Press, 2005), Apparently (Bloodaxe Books, 2010); his 'lost second collection', Professor Glass (Donut Press, 2011); and his fifth collection, Rake (Bloodaxe Books, 2016).

'Formally outrageous, culturally light-fingered, Caley’s vision and wit make for poems that turn a wondrous, great lamp on the inter-relatedness of all things. An important poet.'  John Stammers

His work has been included in many anthologies, including Roddy Lumsden’s Identity Parade (Bloodaxe Books, 2010) and John Stammers’ Picador Book of Love Poems. He has also co-edited Pop Fiction: The Song in Cinema with Stephen Lannin (Intellect, 2005).

'Satirically playful, self-parodic, yes, but unable to conceal an emotional intelligence that lends depth and vulnerability to Caley’s voice even at moments of humour.'  Poetry Review

'The most inventive user of the sonnet form currently writing.'  Magma


Have locked themselves in the bathroom
to issue only occasionally a declaration of steam,
a scroll of sinuous perfume slid out beneath the door.
They are no doubt stringing dental-floss out from the mirrored shelf
And three times around the bidet
-       Doto and Proto, Pherousa and Dunamene
                             Dexamene, Kylie and Kallianeira –
such gurgling and slapping on the tiled floor!
This keyhole offers limited visibility. Maybe because it currently holds a key.
The hunch of a haunch, Braille. Goose pimple. Déshabillé

Alexandra will fall before they offer a share in their delightful society.
Why dally in the realm of a fool?
Two magpies land on the sweet thorn tree

Outside – their laughter makes it spontaneously burst into blossom.
I know I just know they are all sharing a bath. O to be a sud on a freckled

In order to hug someone properly you have to cancel yourself.

Matthew Caley

2015-2016 Venue

We have a new home for Autumn 2015-Spring 2016. Events will on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8pm, upstairs at the lovely CB2 Bistro Café on Norfolk Street, where there is plenty of room for us to swing a poet or two, and a great bar/café downstairs where you can get all manner of drinks, cakes and savoury delights. Here is our venue information page. Now, we realise there is a slight possibility of confusion, so to be clear... we are still called CB1 Poetry, but we are at CB2 Café, not at our origin/namesake of CB1 Café on Mill Road. Good to get that off our chest...