Programme for 2014

CB1 Poetry continues at The Boathouse on the fourth Thursday of the month, and we have a fantastic programme lined up for 2014:

Thursday 23rd January 2014 -- Emma Danes, Rebecca Watts and Adam Crothers plus open mic floor spots -- The Boathouse, 8.15pm, £5/£4

Thursday 27th February 2014 -- Sarah Howe and Fran Lock plus open mic floor spots -- The Boathouse, 8pm, £5/£4

Thursday 27th March 2014 -- Ann Drysdale and Caroline Gilfillan plus open mic floor spots -- Royal Cambridge Hotel, 8pm, £5/£4

Thursday 24th April 2014 -- Tara Bergin and Julith Jedamus plus open mic floor spots -- The Boathouse, 8pm, £5/£4

Thursday 22nd May 2014 -- Emily Berry plus open mic floor spots -- The Boathouse, 8pm, £5/£4

Thursday 26th June 2014 -- Michael O'Neill plus open mic floor spots -- The Boathouse, 8pm, £5/£4

Thursday 22nd May -- Emily Berry

The 'deadpan real-life fairytales' in Emily Berry's Faber debut Dear Boy have been greatly applauded here in the UK and in the States, and won her last year's Forward Prize for Best First Collection. We are very excited to have her read for us on 22nd May.

Emily Berry grew up in London and studied English Literature at Leeds University and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College. An Eric Gregory Award winner in 2008, she co-edits the anthology series Stop Sharpening Your Knives and is co-writer of The Breakfast Bible, a compendium of breakfast. Her award-winning debut collection Dear Boy (published by Faber) came out in 2013 to much acclaim.

'Her ability to make the unspoken precisely and vividly apparent is one of Berry’s striking gifts.' Ben Wilkinson

'She is a new yet anything but hesitant voice... Berry's range is amazing.' Kate Kellaway, The Guardian

Thursday 22nd May, The Boathouse, Open Mic floor spots, books for sale. Doors 7.30, readings 8pm. Tickets on the door only, £5/£4.


Dearest husband     Beloved husband     Most respected
missed and righteous husband     Dear treasured, absent
husband     Dear unimaginable piece of husband
Dear husband of the moon,     it has been six months since I
Dear much lamented distant husband, my champing     heart
forgives you         please come.           In a long
undergrowth of wanting I creep    at night the sea is a dark room
I called and called     These white corridors are not
free from longing        Dear postman     Dear night-time, dear
dark mouth hovering over me      Dear knee bones
dear palms, dear faithful   body      I have wants

Husband -                            Speech is a dark stain spreading
I have no telephone            No one will give me a telephone
I lost your voice       in dark places                it is written
over and over                           that              please come.
A scribble is the way a heartbeat is told              Dearest serrated
husband. My heartscribbles             your name. My mouth
scribbles:                            I have cried your name in every
possible colour I have given you my proud         desperate
undeviating wish   over and over: Sweetheart, please come