Matthew Caley and Rychard Carrington on 11th March 2008
Matthew Caley's first collection Thirst (Slow Dancer, 1999), described by Time out as "a joy, comic, witty, even touchingly poignant", was nominated for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. The work has been acclaimed as offering "stunning invention and remarkable versatility" (Sophie Hannah), "shaped and honed to a mosaic brilliance" (Ken Smith). His latest collection, The Scene Of My Former Triumph (Wrecking Ball, 2005) has received highly enthusiastic reviews in leading poetry publications, with Poetry London calling it "drop dead brilliant" and Magma commending that "from the first page to the last the book crackles with linguistic invention".

'The Late Great Townes Van Zant'

Talent is belligerent
and grinds the body to gruel.
No fool Townes Van zant.
The modality of his yodel like trying to lassoo ghee.

“One tour-de-force is welcome in a collection, there may well be a dozen in this one. Formally outrageous, culturally light-fingered, Matthew Caley's vision and wit make for poems that turn a wondrous, great lamp on the inter-relatedness of all things. In doing this, he aims to stretch English to its full, muscular extension. Caley is a rare beast, an important poet yet to be discovered by his true readership, which is to say everyone. Read this encomium of delights and be glad.” – John Stammers

Rychard Carrington is well known in Cambridge for his highly inventive poetry and at times outlandish readings, which push the notions of poems' self-awareness and instability firmly into the performative domain. Expect a distinctive, by turns wry and by turns challenging reading from a writer who sums himself up like this:

Rychard Carrington is ninety per cent water. He has written poems in the morning, in the evening, and occasionally in the afternoon. His work is popular in the north and south, but less so in the east and west.


There’s too much irony in the world today
Apart from that, things are pretty much alright.

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